Condos VS Co-ops. What’s the diff?

Condos have been a popular and necessary alternative to single family residences for many years and for many different reasons. They are home ownership without the hassle of taking care of the exterior maintenance of the home. In exchange for having someone else responsible for cleaning gutters, mowing grass and siding repairs, homeowners pay a … More Condos VS Co-ops. What’s the diff?


Heading to a “balanced market”. What it means?

There’s a lot of stories in the media regarding the future of the real estate market. Most experts agree that there will be some type of correction, however, it will not be like the crash of 2008/2009. The fundamentals behind that situation are far different. Lenders did not make the type or the quantity of … More Heading to a “balanced market”. What it means?

Local lenders vs. National lenders

As a Realtor representing both buyers and sellers in western Washington, I have seen a strong preference among agents for dealing with local lenders who have earned a good reputation over national or “Big Box” lenders seen advertised on TV.   This preference is based on positive past transactions.  Beside a transaction actually closing, what made … More Local lenders vs. National lenders