Reviewing offers on a set date

Since the real estate market overheated in Spring, there has been a trend to review offers at a specific date in the future, say 1 week from the beginning of the listing. There are several thoughts about doing this.  One is, that there will be several competing offers and if a buyer knows there are … More Reviewing offers on a set date


Local lenders vs. National lenders

As a Realtor representing both buyers and sellers in western Washington, I have seen a strong preference among agents for dealing with local lenders who have earned a good reputation over national or “Big Box” lenders seen advertised on TV.   This preference is based on positive past transactions.  Beside a transaction actually closing, what made … More Local lenders vs. National lenders

Open House Secrets

The first secret of Open Houses is that they seldom “sell” a house.  Depending on the market in your area, most open houses are held as a component of an overall marketing strategy, and definitely, not a Silver Bullet.  In fact, many brokers feel that the purpose is to assure sellers that they are receiving … More Open House Secrets

Home mortgages being delayed due to Experian breach

Financing a home is often the biggest hurdle in the home purchasing process.  First the home buyer(s) must qualify, the home must appraise and the lender has to follow their processes in order to out the needed financing in place. Along with the typical frustrations in this process, there is a fresh wrinkle: Slow downs … More Home mortgages being delayed due to Experian breach