Tips on getting your home ready for sale

Most buyers insist that they can look beyond the taste of the current owner and imagine their own style in the homes they consider.  Maybe some can, but savvy sellers know that a little work can make a big difference in both the speed and quality of offers.

Here are some tips:

Remove clutter – it makes rooms feel smaller than they actually are.  Clutter takes many forms – paperwork, artwork, furniture.  Eliminate clutter for better photos to attract buyers and better first impressions for perspective buyers.

Functional furniture please – if the room is a bedroom, make sure there is a bed in it.  Other, less necessary furniture or furniture that gives a mixed message may be edited out.

Remove family and religious photos.  These are distracting and can get people thinking about the current occupants – not themselves in their new home!


Consider changing out dated or taste specific wall colors or flooring, if possible.  Wall paper friezes were great in the 80’s – but buyers are reminded of the age of the home.  Fresh and neutral paint can do wonders.

Don’t over do the de-clutter.  Completely vacant homes can be cold and unwelcoming.




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