Buy a “new” home or a “used”home?

There are pros and cons to buying a home in a new sub-division vs. a re-sale home.


The home is generally in the latest style, hitting all the key features of most home buyers:  granite counter tops, stainless steel appliances, open floor plans and white millwork.  Beyond physical features, many builders include warranty – usually one year for everything, two to five years for major systems and ten for framing and the like.  This settle many a jitter in the mind of the buyer.


Generally, the lots are super small. Hearing your neighbors hair dryer every morning may wear thin in time.

There are additional costs to consider.  One big one is window coverings.  Middle of the road quality blinds and window covering for a 2,000+ square foot home can cost upwards of $2,000.00.  Most home builders will not budge on the asking price of the home.  This is simply because one lowered price opens the way for future buyers in the subdivision and the result is a wave of lost profit for the builder.

My advice:

Use your own agent.  Builders will pay the broker you are working with their commission and you will have your own representation, not the builder’s agent working with both sides.

Even though the home is brand new, get a home inspection.  Inspectors that I have hired have found things like exterior walls missing insulation and stove hoods being installed improperly.

Dave Carney, Broker/Realtor  360.259.4027







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