Zillow anyone?

When I have an opportunity to meet with a new client to talk about selling their home, I bring lots of printed material with me to discuss a possible listing price:  a list of similar homes that have sold recently in their area to compare and adjust to their home, their tax evaluation from their county assessor’s site, permit or septic information and often… Zillow’s “zestimate”.

A Zestimate is what the experts at Zillow project the value of a home to be.  In my opinion, these are highly inaccurate and sometimes provide home owners with really bad information.

Zillow can be a great way to see an overhead view of your property (it’s fun to see into the neighbor’s backyard).  If a home is listed or has been listed recently, one can see photos that were published in the multiple listing service. It can also be a good search tool.  When determining what your home could potentially sell for…consult with a Realtor.



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