The “Big Three” reasons to buy a home

Why go through all the stress and hassle of buying a home, why not keep renting?  There’s an old saying:  You are going to be paying someone’s mortgage – either your own or the landlord’s.

There are three basic reasons to get shopping for your home today:

  1. Building equity:  For most Americans, it is a forced savings account and the single biggest asset most people will ever own.
  2. Tax benefits:  The mortgage interest deduction is a great write off.  Often, consumers will take on a second loan to accomplish a financial goal – and write off the interest on that as well.
  3. Appreciation:  Over the LONG TERM, homes have steadily increased in value.  Have there been down turns – absolutely!  However, for January 2016 to January 2017, Thurston County experienced an almost 10% increase.

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