Buying a home in the “Golden Years”

Sixty may be the new forty, but there are special considerations when purchasing a home when the buyer is over fifty.  Many buyers are potentially buying the house they may grow old in – effectively making it their last home.

As we all age, mobility is a question.  While there are studies showing that individuals who walk up and down stairs all day live longer, most middle aged buyers (and older) prefer a single story home.  If that is not possible, certainly a “main floor master bedroom” should be a priority.

Other factors to be considered are things like maintenance.  If the home owner is responsible for all repairs and maintenance, thought should be purchasing a home with a small backyard and/or one with drought tolerant, low maintenance native plants.  Quality products like metal roofing and leaf guard systems may be an excellent investment.

Don’t forget to check out the medical community in the location that is being considered.  For example, Olympia, WA has two incredible hospitals and associated physician offices.

While 55+ communities are not for everyone, they should be explored.  Each one has its own flavor and amenities.


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