Five Things I am Good at…

I’ve been asked to tell my clients FIVE things I am good at. Well, here it goes…

One – I follow the Golden Rule of business – I treat my customers how I would like to be treated. I’ve got their back and try to keep as much money in their pocket if they are buying and put as much in when selling.

Two – I love teaching; I especially like first time buyers. I am happy to explain many things: the process of buying or selling real estate, what kind of siding is on a home, or how a septic system works.

Three – I may not remember what I had for breakfast, but I never forget a detail in a real estate transaction. You can be assured that all the T’s are crossed and all the I’s are dotted on your contract/paperwork.

Four – I keep my clients updated. In the years I’ve been in real estate, I’ve never had a client say they didn’t know what was going on. If possible, I share feedback from buyers or metrics on who and how many folks have looked at their home on line.

Five – I am on time! If you’ve worked with many agents, you’ll know what a rarity that is. If I am showing homes, I generally get to the first home early, put the lights on and acquaint myself with the home.

Share five things you’re good at.


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