Does your real estate agent “do” customer service?

Whether you are selling your home or looking for a place to live, real estate professionals should be just that – professional.  Just like in any other business, customer service should be the top priority.

These are some things I think are important in finding a customer service oriented agent:

Does the agent seem prepared?  If discussing your home sale, does he/she have a prepared marketing plan with a timeline?  If buying, has he/she made a list of priorities with you to perform an effective search?

Is the agent’s on line presence easily found and what are other clients saying about customer service?

Is the agent on time?  Your time is valuable.  If the agent keeps you waiting consistently, he/she may have time management issues.  This is their job!

Things not to blame your agent for and ding their customer service reputation:

Other agents!  As your agent, I can’t guarantee that another broker will show your home after they have made an appointment.  I also can’t guarantee that they will follow instructions, turn off light, etc, etc.  Just like all professions, there are good practitioners and bad.

As always, I’m thinking REAL ESTATE.

  • Dave Carney, Broker



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