House Hunting 101

Whether you are a first time home buyer or a seasoned investor, review of House Hunting 101 guidelines is order when hitting the streets in this seller’s market:

#1. Know what your goals and budget are.  Have a narrow band of flexibility – but don’t stray wildly.

#2.  Don’t fall in love.  That emotion causes poor decision making and blinds the buyer to clues of future problems.

#3.  Use the tools available to you in your hunt.  Real estate agent, the real estate web sites, public records, home inspectors, etc, etc.

#4.  If you’ve followed rules 1-3 be BOLD.  Make the offer, take the leap and be aggressive to get what you want.  It’s your home.

As always, I’m thinking Real Estate,

  • Dave Carney, Broker
  • Van Dorm Realty
  • 360.259.4027





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