The Dangers of Buying “For Sale by Owner”

It has been my experience that sellers that want to do a DIY real estate sale are a unique breed. They obviously feel that real estate professionals don’t bring enough value to a transaction to merit the fees charged.  I have also found that their pricing is often way out of line.  They expect to save the commission and get top, top dollar.

One of the services provided by your friendly Realtor is an opinion of value.  The tools at their fingertips, such as comparable homes on the market and “solds” from the multiple listing service, in addition to many years of experience and a finger on the pulse of the local market help a buyer make an offer at a fair price.

Realtors use the right forms that protect your interests.  Buying from an owner, using his/hers form or getting an on-line contract put the buyer at risk by either omitting important contract language that protects the buyer or worse, giving unfair advantage to the seller.

Additionally, Realtors shepherd buyers and sellers through the complicated transaction process all the time.  It is what we do!  Feeling your way through the one of the biggest investments of your lifetime is like performing surgery on yourself.  It can be done, but I would not advise it.

As usual, I’m thinking Real Estate,

Dave Carney, Broker/Realtor









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