Garage Pointers for Sellers

Most people believe that the most under utilized room in the house is the dining room.  In fact, many home owners can’t remember the last time they ate a meal there.  I would argue that the most over utilized – and overlooked “room” in a home is generally the garage.  Many home owners have all of their overflow from their home loaded up in the bays of their garage – making them like an unruly closet while the cars sit out in the elements.

When I go to list a home, I usually tell home owners that if there is a room that can be messy or cluttered looking it is the garage.  Having said that, if the entire home is organized and a bit sparse, that is even better.  Should the garage become the dumping ground or the area to organize things on the way to the thrift store – that’s fine, but follow these simple pointers:

  1. Make sure access to turn on the lights is clear.
  2. Keep the areas around circuit breaker panels, hot water tanks, furnaces, or other systems is clear. Home buyers and home inspectors will need to access them.
  3. Ensure that garage doors can be open and closed and that garage door openers are in working order (if equipped).
  4. If your electrical panel has been updated, please locate the paperwork from the electrician so that permits can be verified, if need be.

If you are thinking of selling, I’d be happy to look at your home and provide specific advice for your home!


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