DYI: TIPS for staging a home for sale

Most experts will tell you that a staged home sells more quickly, and often for more money, than one that is not staged.  However, staging a home can be expensive and sometimes not feasible due to budget constraints. Here are some basic TIPS that can help a home seller get at least some of the benefits of hiring a staging service:

  1. Less is more.  It sounds cliche, but is never more true as when getting a home ready for sale.  Rooms need to look spacious and buyers need to be able to envision their furniture in the space.  Remove extra tables and bookshelves that are hugging the walls – blank space is good!  Remove area rugs that hide attractive hardwood floors and remove ALL clutter.  Counters, tables and dressers should be bare if possible.  If not, remember…
  2. The rule of three! If a hallway table, sideboard or dresser has decorative items, limit it to three.  These three items should be high quality, visually interesting and be of three different heights.
  3. Depersonalize the space.  Take down family photos, art work that may not have a broad appeal and religious objects.  The buyer needs to be able to project their life in what is currently your space.
  4. Don’t forget the storage areas.  Cramped storage areas make the home seem like there is a storage problem.  Take one third of clothes out of closets to make them appear ample.  If need be, rent an offsite storage space until you sell your home.

As always, call me for more information about getting your home ready for me to sell it for you!





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